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Cats Uncovered

For all of you cat lovers, have you watched "Cats Uncovered" on BBC Knowledge? It's a fantastic programme about cat's behaviour. Be sure to watch it - Sundays on channel 184 on DSTV.

Tips for flea season

Flea season is around the corner and now is the time to get active! There are new exciting products on the market so come in and choose a product that suits you and yours! Remember all the animals at home must be treated and the surroundings as well. If your current...

Spring Advice

Now is the time of year to gear for up for the hot weather when the fleas get really bad, here are some tips on how to combat them: 1. Clean out your pets bedding and start afresh with new bedding for summer and start with a monthly course of Frontline or Advantage....

Puppy Advice

1. First job is toilet training and the way to forward is through positive reinforcement. You need to praise the successes and ignore the mistakes, gone are the days of rubbing their noses in it. 2. Try and create a degree of independence for sleeping at night (not in...